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Get started within seconds

No need a complicated sign up procedure or registration nor filling out plenty of fields for your products, simply follow below steps and start shopping the world within seconds!

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Contact us via Kakao

Contact us via Kakao here optionally write us an email:

and receive your unique code.

This code must be added later to the warehouse address when you check out at a store of your choice, so that we can link incoming parcels to you!


Our support is english and korean speaking.

Start shopping anywhere!

Pick any store in the UK, US or Germany and start shopping and ship it to our warehouse address of that country, see here!

VERY IMPORTANT, add your unique code you received from us in the address fields!

Most common product restrictions by korean customs:

-Parfumes are prohibited

-Aerosols in pressurized containers are prohibited

-fresh meat and vegetables are prohibited

-more than 1l alcohol incurs taxes

-more than 6 vitamin packages incurs taxes

-more than 5kg baby formula incurs taxes

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Submit your contact data (only necessary when ordering).

NOTE: If this is your first ever order ( regardless of which country) provide us via Kakao:

  1. FULL Name, exactly spelled as in ARC application, please check for space or no space, correct order of last name, first name etc! (If not 1:1 provided as in ARC, expect shipping delays!!)

  2. Address in KOREAN spelled, City, Gu, Dong and house#

  3. Phone Number in this format: 012-1234-1234

  4. Email

  5. ZIP Code

  6. Customs Number

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Email Us

Forward us your order confirmation with all product details shown (Brand, Product Name, Quantity and Price)

Very Important: If ordering from more than one shop, only email us ONCE, with all order details in ONE mail, instead of sending us one mail, on different days and times. (Risk of Errors)

We assume, that each shop sends one parcel. So if not informed by you and for example you order from 2 different shops, we will send out the order automatically once 2 parcels arrive. It is your responsibility to let us know how many parcels will be expected BEFORE they arrive, by checking the number of tracking numbers! Otherwise additional shipping cost might occur, if additional parcels arrive, AFTER we sent out your order. (Amazon for example often send out several parcels for one order!)

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After receiving your order(s), we will check its weight and send you the cost calculation via Kakao.

You can transfer the money to:

Bank Info

Bank: 국민은행/KB Bank
계좌번호/Account No. 84880100104899
회사명/Name 주식회사 쉬피도

When payment confirmed, the order will be sent out.

Our cost calculations are based on the following rates, see here!

The shipping takes between 3-5 working days.

Please always watch out for sms from customs agents, in case they have questions or need clarifications!

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